Monday, March 9, 2015

Return of the mac


Back to the Blogsphere. This world has changed a great deal since I started blogging over 12 years ago, over a multitude of platforms. Many blogs seem to be concentrated on ads, gossip and review of the world. What happened to the purists? The one that could air their dirty laundry (with enough anonymity and censorship) in such manner so as not to attract to much attention to oneself. I guess tact and subtlety are out the window, notwithstanding the need for a well constructed sentence and or argument.



So I tied the knot last year.

After a long and expensive process we were then known as man and wife. Thinking back, it all seemed to progress rather quickly.

Thereafter, we were blessed with the little tyke. World, meet Kishore!

He truly is an inspiration for me to be a better person. Yes it is a full time job, but it has its perks.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Its weird that I haven't blogged for over a year! My last post was from when I was in Manchester last summer for Rachael's birthday. A lot has changed, a lot has transpired, its perhaps time to provide a timeline or a narration of the series of events.

I had an internship with the CPS for a short time after the summer, wherein I was working and liaising with young offenders and their families in Bristol. Whilst doing that I was volunteering for the CAB, that brought on its own degree of self satisfaction and freedom of expression. Perhaps finally a practical usage of my legal skill and knowledge.

Work and friends and all moved at a boring yet fulfilling pace, for once I was actually at peace with myself and it all seemed well. I thought that it was a mistake leaving my job with the Carphone Warehouse, boy was I wrong. I guess, there was too much of a conscience on my part.

Throughout the end of last year, I managed to catch Train, AM, Coheed & Cambria, Deftones, Placebo, Goldfrapp, Noah & the Whale and a few more bands that elude my memory at this time. Managed to meet Pat Monaghan of Train when I saw them in Bristol, and he was beyond nice. All this was thanks to Emma, who I got the gig as a birthday present for. Got quite close to her in this time. She is amazing, and probably has one of the most level heads among all my friends. Still never really got around to telling her the true extent of how I feel and perhaps never will. It is always the drunken stupor in which I start blabbing madly and tell her everything, I really dont know how much she knows or what she knows. But the chemistry between us is amazing. :) I suspect she knows, but is perhaps a bit more committed with her bf. I'm not one to snatch so might just come to terms with it and let it go.

Work and bumming around carried on till most of the first quarter of this year, had a very flexible timetable and started getting very physically fit with many gym and football outings rather than going out and getting pissed. Managed to get to Somerset and Guildford in this time for Baby Jamesy and Stabbi. Perhaps my two other favourite places in the UK. Also, by this time I think a brotherhood had formed between Pete, Faariss and I. It was a place where anything could be said without any harsh repercussions or judgement. These truly were peaceful times, little did I know that this was the calm before the storm.

I spoke to my mum every other day at the time, and in April I was told that she was flying up to see us in May. She had booked her tickets for the 10th of May. I was overjoyed, it had been a while since I had seen her. Her trip was later delayed as she had some health issues, but I was reassured that she was merely going through a thorough physical and wanted to be in good shape before coming up. So I didnt think much of if. In the 3rd week of May upon her postponing her trip and everything, I was asked by my uncle to come home as my mum was ill. This was a shock and was rather puzzling. I had no idea it was this severe, I had to then pack up, book my tickets and sort out everything to go home on a semi permanent basis. It took us about 5 days to sort everything out, and a bit longer because of my idiotic sister losing her passport. Also, there was the looming threat and danger of the gas cloud in britain, against all odds, I flew on the 23rd of MAY and made it home.

My uncle, picked us up in the airport, only to tell us our mum passed away a few hours ago. I dont think I need to describe how I felt. I'm still not done grieving nor forgiving myself for the events that transpired. Too many what ifs? Too many maybes... Its been painful and tragic.

Here now almost 3 months on, I find myself dealing with her firm, handling my own business ventures, running my own companies and about to embark on the Malaysian Bar and many other things... I keep asking myself, why me? How would my life be if she was here?

To be continued.......

Monday, July 5, 2010


We headed off to Manchester last weekend, and decided to splurge a little for some creature comforts. We got a hotel smack dab in the heart of the city. It still came with power showers, an IMAC, robes, an assortment of toiletry very friendly staff. Took a few pictures the minute I got there.



The Room

Mini Bar
IMAC with remote & speakers that features digital radio, pc, tv and dvd player.

Window view

The complimentary breakfast that the hotel offered was one of a kind. It was really good. So on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst) I give the City Inn a 7.5.

Before I digress, the purpose of the trip was for Rachael's birthday. Having chilled out and all we went over to her house for a bbq/ party with friends and family. Rachy's family are very well knit and superbly pleasant. It was one of the best parties of the year and I had the time of my life. It has reminded me of my family and how close we are all knit.

We then ditched all the older folk and went on a booze up in Manchester. This was my first time in Manchester and I have to say, the whole experience was a complete surprise. It was more pleasant than I had initially anticipated. I will be back there again soon ish and recommend anyone to go there.

More pictures on :


So the world cup is nearing an end now, and I find that the excitement isn't what it used to be. This may be due to the fact that Italy and England are now out. My choices are now limited to the Dutch. Let's hope they overcome all odds and finally win the world cup.

I do find that some of the romanticism from football is lost as you get older. There are perhaps are few reasons why this is such:

1. Refereeing is shit! They need some degree of goal line and offside technology.
2. Players are cheating bastards! They go down for the slightest nudge.
3. There is too much pressure on coaches and players alike and thus making them under perform.
4. Football becomes even more corporate year after year.
5. Clubs use money rather than good management and tactics to win games and trophies.

Regardless of all this, I still have love for the game in the hope that things might change. Occasionally we are braced with the fighting spirit and drive that is football. This was not more apparent this year than in Fulham FC at the UEFA Cup and Ghana at the world cup. So, there can be teams that inspire us all and remind us of the true football spirit. Let's hope there are more of them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

25 Matches

The time has come where most men and some women will become unavailable for pretty much most things. Booze will always be in ample supply and tempers will flair. Its the FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 in South Africa.

The tournament began with most teams merely treading quite wearily. With the fixtures mostly ending in a draw or with a win on a 1 goal advantage with the exception of the Germans. The 2nd round of the group stage began with the smaller teams asking questions. The big names in the game particularly the likes of Spain, Italy, Germany and England managed only draws or defeats against seemingly lesser sides.

After the 25th match has been played in the group stage, I am left wanting more. In my mind, this seems like the worst world cup thus far. There has also been a fair amount of controversy on the match ball, the Jabulani. However, the teams are all professional and should have adapted to the ball by now.

The likes of Christiano Ronaldo and Valter Birsa have learned how to keep the ball down, why can't everyone else?


Today's matches which featured Netherlands v Japan, and Australia v Ghana were no short of drama as well. The Japanese held their own against the Ducth and were unlucky to lose 1-0. They had some good defensive play and very creative attacking play as well. This combined with a Dutch side that was a calamity going forward gave way to a very scrappy but entertaining game.

The Aussie game on the other hand was one that was more equal, until Harry Kewell was sent off for a hand ball on his goal line. The sending off, coupled with a penalty saw Ghana equalize. The rest of a game was Ghana going forward to no avail, and the Aussie's making use of what little possession they had. The game ended 1-1. Hopefully the evening game has more drama and goals in store.


I have so much to blog about, but never the time to actually do it. This seems to be the dilemma of attempting a consistent blog. Perhaps a quick recap of the past 2 months is in order first.

It looked like the last thing I was preoccupied with was my dissertation. Well, the proposal has been handed in and I'm currently spending a bit of time working on it.

After that, I went through a rigorous few weeks of sorting out coursework and presentations. After a few weeks of hard work, I then enjoyed the freedom of doing nothing. Apart from the random trips away and nights out. Then came the world cup, and from here on out, blogging is going to be a breeze.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Work had got me very much out of the Uni frame of mind. It's been weeks, if not months since I was inspired. This is perhaps the dwindling feeling of what is looming after this. A step in the right direction that is my profession? The Bar? Settling down?

These were the thoughts that plagues my mind. Day by day, little by little just nudging me into a non caring state of being. However, in the last 48 hours something miraculous has taken place. I am inspired! I am flowing with ideas and plans for my research. I am looking forward to the 45,000 words and 90 minutes of presentations that are between me and my masters. This has never happened. Hopefully this LLM can inspire me further and sort my mind out once and for all.

This epiphany was realised with the dawn of my research proposal that is due in later today. I have since completed it and absorbed it. My standpoint of the history and implementations of anti drug legislation is seemingly unique. How unique this is, will be determined in the next few hours... *fingers crossed*

The reading on the Medellin & Cali Cartels have left me wanting more. This cements my love for law. Something I thought had vanished since I finished my degree. So hopefully this inspiration lasts and persists....